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Aivvy Platform
Aivvy's simple UI with a wheel Simple UI
Aivvy is powered by Deliery system,
                    machine learning, and Music cataglog and license
Delivery System
Machine Learning
Music Catalog & License

Aivvy offers an exceptional listening experience for music lovers around the world. By integrating a full stack of end-to-end services and innovative technologies, the Aivvy platform delivers clear, undistorted music based on your personal taste from its global music catalog. Aivvy music service is included in the purchase of smart devices to deliver music that is personalized just for you.

With the philosophy that everything can connect you to joy, Aivvy wants to bring more music into your life to help create your perfect listening space no matter where you are. The more music we can listen to, the better the world will be.

The Aivvy platform has 4 key elements that work collaboratively to deliver personalized music to its users:

  1. Global music catalog: 50 million tracks
  2. Recommendation engine: AI / Machine learning with unique caching technology
  3. DreamingTM technology: Automatic refresh and deliver the music without loss of sound quality
  4. IoT modules: high-performance hardware and flexible connectivity
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